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Information Technology - What's My User ID?

All students and staff have two unique ID's that give them access to most of the web-based services that Navarro provides - the Datatel ID and the User ID.

How to find your Datatel ID
How to find your User ID

Your Datatel ID is a 7-digit number that is assigned by our College administrative software system - Colleague by Datatel. As privacy concerns surrounding social security numbers increase, software systems are beginning to move away from using your SSN to identify you. The Datatel ID is how you are recognized within our software system. It will be to your advantage to remember your Datatel ID since you will be asked for it when requesting technical support for Blackboard, WebAdvisor, and other computer-based services.

Beginning May 2010, student ID cards will have the Datatel ID printed on them. Returning students or students who don't have an ID card yet can find their ID on their registration statement and also on their ID card.

The User ID is an alphanumeric ID that is created (in most cases) by joining your legal first name, folowed by a period, followed by your legal last name. "Legal" name means the name that was entered on your application for admission to Navarro - so, if the name on your application is Jonathan, your legal first name is Jonathan, even though your friends may call you Jon. As an example, if your name is John Smith, your User ID will probably be john.smith. In cases where your first and last name are common, there could be a 1-5 digit number appended to the end of your last name - for example, john.smith32416 - this is because everyone must have a unique User ID. If you aren't sure what your User ID is, you can look it up yourself - please refer to How Do I Find My User ID? below.

Your User ID is used to create your Navarro College email address. It is also used to log in to the following Navarro services:

How To Find Your Datatel ID

Your Datatel ID can be found in several locations:
  • Beginning in May 2010, all new student ID cards will have the Datatel ID printed on them
  • Your Datatel ID can be found on your registration statement
  • Your Datatel ID can also be found on your pay stub/pay advice if you are a Navarro College employee

How To Find Your User ID?

If you are unsure of what your Navarro College User ID is please follow the following steps to look up your ID with the WebAdvisor application.

  1. Access WebAdvisor - in your web browser.

  2. Click on the "Account Information" link at the bottom-right of your screen.

  3. Click on the "What's My User ID?" link.

  4. Type in your Last Name and your Social Security Number or Datatel ID. [Note: It is strongly recommended that you become familiar with your Datatel ID since the ability to use your social security number will be phased out in the future in order to comply with federal/state privacy regulations.]

  5. Click the SUBMIT button.

  6. You should now see the following screen with your User Name displayed.

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